The futebol de praia player standing in the beach. Seagulls fly.

Surfer with Geese


We fly with Swans

White swans.

Black Sunga

With Swand and Hummingbird.

White short with Seagulls

Surrounded by them

We fly in the Waves

With birds that fly like us.


With doves.

We were looking for the waves

As seagulls do.

We were alone.

But they are always accompanying us.

Waiting for the sun.

With cactae surrounding us.


With their points buried in the sun of the Summer and we are sweating in the surf suit.

We were looking in the horizon,

But they never came.

We were


We were

Loosing color and eaten by the old dreams flying as seagulls.

We were

Beautiful as old Gods..


in front of the sea the whole time.

With the old birds

From the Egyptian Pantheon.

Inspired by Alair Gomes

Photography book: "River of Men/Rio de Homens".

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